Our Child Sponsorship Program seeks out the most vulnerable children, many of whom are orphaned and have been affected by malaria, HIV/AIDS, and extreme poverty.

Our Child Sponsorship Program for primary school students is $35/month, and for GPS (Global Promise Scholars) and Forever Family students it is $140/month. Sponsors of GPS and Forever Family students have the option to be the sole sponsor for $140/month, or join a circle sponsorship to share in the support for that student at $35, $70, or $105/month.

The green circle represents the number of shares currently committed for each GPS and Forever Family student.


  • 3 to 4 hand-written letters from your child each year
  • quarterly mailed newsletter updates
  • annual update photo showing your child’s growth
  • photos of your child receiving your hand-packed Gift-a-Gallon, and your selected Giving Catalog gifts
  • periodic email newsletters with special event reminders
  • tax-deductible receipt mailed each January

Vicencia Nakiwu

Girl - 12

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Eria Lukyamuzi

Boy - 12

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Dennis Kalule

Boy - 7

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Jovia Nakabuye

Girl - 11

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Collin Jjingo

Boy - 14

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Deo Ssekitto

Boy - 8

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Alex Ssegirinya

Boy - 13

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Peter Muwonge

Boy - 15

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